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                                                              Frequently asked Living Room Questions

What is the best Furniture For a Large Living Room?
Your Living Room is the first impression of who you are, your choice of furniture resonates clearly with your personality. The thumb rule is that you ground your room with appropriately -sized furniture. Our dream home should be a collection of home furniture that is of quality and lasts long. For Large spaces, we highly recommend sectional sofas. These sofas provide a focal point for your living room as well as taking up space, allowing you to fill up the reaming spaces with accent furniture and decor of choice. 

How to Maximise seating in small living room spaces?
Urban life has forced us to make use of small living room spaces as we are constantly on the move spending less time at home. To create intimacy and warmth in your home, place the loveseat in front of the window and push the sofa closer for conversation. You could do away with the Centre tables to create a walkway for traffic and instead use end tables on either side of the sofas or accent chairs to create more seating space. Alternatively, you could use odd living room tables like coffee tables ottomans that act as extra seating space when guests come over